Winter is Coming…


Well summer is over (kind of in Sacramento even though we still have 100+ weather!!)…

With that, comes Halloween decorations, pumpkin spice, turkey, lazy weather, treats, chocolate, wine, and repeat……

Many of us will become busy with holiday stuff, school events, sporting events (football season!!), meet ups with friends, etc. etc. When these things happen we lose track of all we’ve accomplished and/or set out to accomplish, while training gets put on the back burner because “other priorities” or “financial stress” takes front and center…

First off, most of you who work with a trainer, coach, or in a group setting aren’t even in a maintenance mode. You’re in do minimum mode at 2 days per week with ZERO work on your own. Abandoning these efforts will create HUGE effects that you will be stressing out about 2-3 months from now. In 2-3 months from now you will be exploring options to spend money on a nutrition plan, gym membership, personal trainer, and even more desperate; surgery of some sort.

People are routine, patterns are cyclic, and this “business” is extremely predictable. Stop acting like a sheep and start creating more initiative for yourself. Do you want to be fit? Do you want to be healthy? Or do you want to go another 6 months putting your health and fitness on the back burner, to only stress out about how you look and feel for summer again.

Get a head start – ACT NOW! — OR at the least, keep up with what you’re doing… even if it is on your own.

So do the following:
1) EXERCISE! At a gym, with a trainer, with friends, use classes, just do something. Anything!

a. Maintain frequency – 2 days is basic minimum, but it’s better than nothing! Try to hit 3 days per week.
b. Primarily focus on metabolic resistance training – STOP doing tons of cardio!

2) Follow a realistic, supportive meal plan that focuses on:

a.    High quality protein in every meal

b.    Organic veggies

c.    Healthy fats

d.    LOTS of water

3) Surround yourself with people who will support and encourage you to become the best version of you…but still love you and make you feel great as you are.

4) Balance your life! 
a. Stop stressing out about meeting EVERYONE and pleasing EVERYONE
b. Holidays are supposed to be fun, not dreadful!
c. Take time for yourself, stop giving it to only your friends and family (talking to all the moms!)
d. Create a reward system – be strict monday through thursday – reward yourself on Friday or Saturday and merge back into a strict habit on Saturday or Sunday.

If you need help in managing any part of these four topics, do not hesitate to contact me with questions. I am more than happy to help!

Now here’s to a happy, healthy & fit summer next year!  😀

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