brett-gerch“I have had the pleasure of being a colleague of BJ for 3 years and have been extremely impressed with his knowledgepassion, and persistence in making those who he trains much better in the athletic world. BJ is very gifted in this profession, as his strength techniques and verbal coaching quos are at the upper echelon of this profession. The athletes who will train under BJ will be guaranteed results, both in strength and in speed. He is highly technical in Olympic lifting, Louie Simmons training, and speed development. If you desire highly productive results, I would not want my athletes training with anyone else other than BJ Daniels. He is the new Dalai Lama of strength and conditioning on the West Coast.”

Brett Gerch MEd, CSCS, USAW
Strength and Conditioning Coach -Arizona University Football


rafael-escamilla“BJ has displayed excellent insight into the area of strength and conditioning, and is advanced in his  knowledge for  someone with his level of experience.  BJ is a passionate and committed coach who would be an excellent addition  to anyone’s strength and conditioning program.  BJ is very personable and conscientious, has a pleasant  personality, and works well with others.  He is very dependable, and always has exhibited excellent and  meticulous  work as far as I know.  BJ’s interactions and professional conduct has been outstanding  throughout my time with  him.”

Rafael Escamilla, P.T., Ph.D., C.S.C.S., F.A.C.S.M.
Director of Biomechanics, Sacramento State University


shandrika-lee-gerch“BJ Daniels is the Man!  As a Division 1 Women’s Basketball Coach, a thorough strength and conditioning program is becoming more and more vital towards every program’s success.  Being a coach of female athletes, and with the high rate of injuries amongst women, I can appreciate the hard work and dedication BJ gives day in and day out.  I had the opportunity in getting to know Brock at Cal Poly University and because of his expertise, knowledge, attention to detail and technique, and personable charisma and energy; I truly believe it led our program to having much successes on the court.  Everything from the weight training program to the speed and agility training… BJ Daniels is a first class coach.  Best of all, he does a great job challenging the athletes and creating a competitive environment for which the athletes can thrive and improve within.”

Shandrika Lee-Gerch
Oregon University Assistant Women’s BasketBall Coach


kate-shipp“BJ’s workouts are the definition of a “Total Body Workout.” Having been a college athlete and participated in intense training sessions, I can honestly say, BJ’s workouts challenged and pushed me above and beyond what I thought I was capable of doing. BJ is someone who genuinly cares about your fitness and well-being who will bring the best out of you.”

Kate Shipp
American Canyon High School Women’s Basketball Coach
Former Solano College Women’s Basketball Coach
Former Azuza Pacific Women’s Basketball Player



“Coach BJ is not only a phenomenal athlete with an impressive work ethic, but he inspires everyone he coaches with his attention to detail and friendly demeanor. Whether it’s crafting dynamic workouts, teaching classes, or helping me improve my own Olympic lifts, BJ  constantly adds value.”

Beth Rypins
Owner, Wine Country CrossFit
Two-time Whitewater World Champion



“Over the last five years I have seen BJ in two capacities. One as a great college football player, and the other as a outstanding strength and conditioning coach. In both roles, BJ offered the same attitude, Intensity! His desire, passion, and love for what he does shines through in the way that he deals with those around him. His knowledge and understanding of movement, power, and athletic training no doubt seperate him from the rest. I would encourage anyone looking to take their performance to a new level at any stage in life to check out what BJ is doing. It is proven that he will help you get the results you are looking for!”



eric-branagan-franco“I feel that as an athlete inspired to play professionally you did a great job getting me into physical and mental shape.  You helped me keep my strength while increasing my flexibility but also improving my power in my explosion and quickness as a goalkeeper.  Keeper’s are unique athletes for the fact that we do not only need to be strong to take the pounding from diving on a daily basis or collisions, but we also need to be quick and explosive for all our movements in the goal. I really felt you challenged me in every aspect, you did not only increase my strength and power but you helped me psychologically which is by far one of the most important factors for any athlete. If you feel mentally strong and  fit, your performance will excel and there is no doubt that after working out with you for a  time period any athlete can gain all these factors. You did a great job mixing strengthpower and endurance, and agility into your very well.  Your combinations of works out and strong motivation really helped me grow as athlete  and I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your program.”

Eric Branagan-Franco
Former Professional Soccer Player
Former NCAA D-I Goalie at Cal Poly


“If you want to be the best, you have to work with the best, and when it comes to training; Brock definitely knows what he is doing and can get you at the top of your game.”

“I’ve worked with BJ on numerous occasions and with all the new exercises he helped me learn to start incorporating in my programs, I saw huge gains in my performance levels. As a high jumper, being explosive off the ground is important and BJ definitely focused on that. He also taught me many different things about nutrition such as pre and post meals/snacks which I felt also helped me tremendously in improving my training, and as well as competition results.”


Susan Jackson
Professional High Jumper for Team USA
Former NCAA D-II National Champion in High Jump (Western State University)
Former NJCAA National Champion in High Jump (Sacramento City College)


dom-shonuff-waters-01 dom-shonuff-waters-02

“Coach BJ knows his stuff, if you are looking to train the right way, he is the man to be sought out. Training with a fellow like that you can be certain that your technique will be flawless.”

Dom Shonuff Waters
Professional Fighter



zac-bushnell“I have been training with BJ for 3 months now. I have noticed changes in how my body looks and the way I feel consistently better on a day to day basis. Not only has working with him helped me with feeling more confident, I understand more about how our bodies work and that applying the right food and exercise in our lives can change the way I feel and look drastically. I am 24 years old and this is the most active I have been since high school football, but the experience of my workouts now are so much greater that I have the personal motivation from someone who cares about my health just as much as I do. I am fully aware that my goals will take time to reach, from the condition level I started at to the level I am now, I know that with dedication and BJ’s guidance I will be able to reach my goal of losing a total of 80 lbs (30 lbs down so far!). If you have ever thought about pursuing personal training but you are embarrassed about how you may look or you’re just too lazy to get off your butt; get up and let BJ help you. He will make you want to kick your bad eating habits and give you motivation you didn’t know you had. He is worth your time, you won’t be disappointed.”

Zac Bushnell


“BJ is very individual specific. Very aware and mindful of past injuries, surgeries, and or illness’s you may have had. builds your workout to fit your individual needs. awesome experience. Can’t wait for another round!”


Jeff Handy
Cancer Survivor


“AMAZING COACH AND TRAINER! I cannot say enough positive things about BJ, he has provided me with not only the tools to lose weight and strengthen, but the mind frame that I could actually achieve it! You cannot go wrong when choosing to work with him! Thank you BJ!”

Mandi Clarke


“BJ is the best trainer I have ever had.  He is very attentive and keeps me on track without being pushy ~ a dynamite combination.  I have a serious back injury and he knows how to manage that while still helping me get a great workout.  An all around knowledgeable trainer with a heart of gold.”

Marianne W.




wendy-daniels“BJ is an AWESOME strength coach. You and/or your athletes will not be disappointed!!! ….Also, he can adapt to training nearly any population. I have brain cancer stemming from breast and he has helped me through some very tough times by providing me a very positive training environment.

He keeps my spirits going and focus STRONG!”

Wendy Daniels
My mother, a retired sheriff, and cancer survior (RIP, June 4th 2014)






d-jackson-1d-jackson-2“I was diagnosed with a progressive, neurological disease. When I saw BJ in a Facebook video training his mom, I knew he was the person for me. I was older than her, was bald due to an autoimmune condition and had recently been diagnosed with my neurological condition. When I saw his patience and encouragement, I suspected he would be good for me. He was and is a great friend of my daughters and also a good family friend. I approached him and we began working together about a year ago. His enthusiasm to work with me, his kindness, and patience with my disability was phenomenal. It was obvious he already had experience working with someone that required extra care and patience. He was able to increase my physical abilities and was always encouraging and supportive. I was amazed at the strength I had and was thrilled to learn I could do certain exercises, including a plank! I would highly recommend him as someone who knows what he is doing, has a lot of patience and humor, and understands the limitations that some of us have. Somehow he manages to come up with workouts that continue to challenge and strengthen me.”

Denise Jackson, January 2015


candy-c-1“I’m a 60+ woman, healthy, retired and active.  I want and need to be as healthy and energetic as possible. I want to get restful sleep and wake up feeling motivated, happy, and sharp.   I want to lose inches, gain muscle strength, and work on my waistline.  I’m eating very healthy.   I’m working out 4 times a week in the gym and doing daily walks.   I have been working out in the gym now for the last 12 years, which included professional training in the beginning.  At this time in my life, I needed a change, a new fitness routine, someone to push me towards new goals and commitments.  I decided to work with B. J. Daniels.  He’s an excellent and experienced trainer and has a vast knowledge of the anatomy and exercise methods.  I was very nervous at first, but he’s great with me and watches with a careful eye making sure I train correctly to avoid injury.  He’s created my program geared to my personal needs and limitations.  During the last 15 years, health issues created some challenging areas in my body.  An acoustic neuroma benign tumor led to brain surgeries in my inner ear causing deafness, facial nerve damage, and most importantly a balance issue.  B. J. has me do workouts specializing in overcoming the balance weakness.   It is hard work, but I continue to improve every session.  Breast surgeries and radiation created scar tissue leading to range of motion issues of the left arm and shoulder.  I have worked hard to improve on my own, but working with a skillful trainer is the way to go.  We must invest in ourselves!”

candy-c-2 candy-c-3

Candy C., January 2015


“You are the best, most dedicated trainer! You have my best interest at heart and always ensure I do exercise correctly for effectiveness and safety! You’ve made me a stronger, a better me and for that I am so thankful! Keep on pushing me to new limits! I appreciate it!”

Marsha W.

marsha-w-1 marsha-w-2

***Marsha suffered a brain aneurism with stroke like symptoms. Her state of health, well-being, spacial awareness, and ability to perform simply daily activities suffered severely. She has managed to rise above this challenge, overcome adversity, and take it upon herself to obtain a stronger version. She has lost 30 lbs, has relearned many of the skills and activities that she once has difficulty with, and is getting better and better at her balance control week after week! Great job Marsha!!!***

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