Winter is Coming…


Well summer is over (kind of in Sacramento even though we still have 100+ weather!!)…

With that, comes Halloween decorations, pumpkin spice, turkey, lazy weather, treats, chocolate, wine, and repeat……

Many of us will become busy with holiday stuff, school events, sporting events (football season!!), meet ups with friends, etc. etc. When these things happen we lose track of all we’ve accomplished and/or set out to accomplish, while training gets put on the back burner because “other priorities” or “financial stress” takes front and center…
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Why You Should Be Dancing!

What made me start dancing?

In case you are not aware, I have been dancing in some fashion for about two years now. When I first began, I had no clue what I wanted. I started out aimlessly trying to find something I would connect with, and could never stick to a single style. I tried two step, salsa, tango, night club two step, east coast swing, and of course the ever so popular line dancing. While I knew I absolutely wanted to dance,  I became very unsure as to which style I wanted to invest my energy to. Randomly, I would come across West Coast Swing by accident. During this time I had the pleasure of watching Jason and Yvonne Wayne. I cannot tell you how enamored I become while watching them “strut” around the floor; the music, the moves, Jason’s attention to detail and where Yvonne was, Yvonne’s ability to non-verbally listen to Jason and do what he wanted her to do. Holy smokes they lit the place up, and to put it simple it was HOT!

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