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By Derek Teel, owner of Dialed Health

Click the link below for Derek’s action plan on how to properly attack the holiday season this year!

•TRAINER TUESDAY• *click HD ! Tag and Share !HOLIDAY SURVIVAL GUIDE: Plan and Execute to get the most of the season.🔻✖️Don't focus on the food. See it as a bonus to the social events and holiday activities. 🔻✖️Plan and extended workout(or higher intensity if your pressed for time) the day of an event. Get the metabolism revved up so it burns through the excess calories.🔻✖️Don't come into a meal starving. Fasting up to a meal may shrink your stomach, but you will be more inclined to reach for higher calorie foods.🔻✖️Know when your going to eat bad and not. When your undecided, you won't fully enjoy the the benefits of eating good or bad. Be intentional!🔻✖️Control your portions! Eat slow, enjoy, and don't stuff yourself to the max.🔻✖️Watch alcohol intake! Not necessarily for the calories, but your lowered inhibitions. It's a lot easier to go for seconds and thirds when your schnockered. 🔻✖️No Leftovers! Get back to eating clean as soon as your home.TRAIN WITH ME, in person or online. Start by messaging or emailing me to answer any of your questions for free!🎥: Kyle Mize Productions

Posted by Dialed Health on Tuesday, November 29, 2016

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