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Who is this for?

  • The athlete (Of any age or level, and of any sport! We have very extensive experience and knowledge thanks to the NSCA)
  • The Dancer (Ballet, any style of swing, country, latin, ballroom, you name it! 
  • Adults (weight-loss, weekend warriors, rehab patients, senior warriors, and all others)
  • Powerlifters / Olympic Weightlifters (Coach Daniels competed in both for decades)
  • Any person wishing to receive programming remotely through email (very affordable option)

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    **All athletes under the age of 18 must obtain approval from their legal guardian with signature of proper documentation**

    **No minor under the age of 10 will be allowed to train. We apologize for the inconvenience** 

    Thank You!

    —–Cordelia|Fairfield|Vacaville|Benicia|Napa|Sacramento|Personal Trainer—–