Winter is Coming…


Well summer is over (kind of in Sacramento even though we still have 100+ weather!!)…

With that, comes Halloween decorations, pumpkin spice, turkey, lazy weather, treats, chocolate, wine, and repeat……

Many of us will become busy with holiday stuff, school events, sporting events (football season!!), meet ups with friends, etc. etc. When these things happen we lose track of all we’ve accomplished and/or set out to accomplish, while training gets put on the back burner because “other priorities” or “financial stress” takes front and center…
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NLTS February Referral Contest

NLTS February Referral Contest!

Hello my padawan!

Hope 2017 is off to a good start and you’re on the track to becoming an even better, stronger, and healthier version of you!

I wanted to give you all a quick heads up that we’re having a BIG referral contest this month. Details below!

You could win a pair of “FITBIT BLAZE” OR an UNDER ARMOUR GIFT CARD, both valued at $199 just by referring 5 of your friends to train at NLTS!!

Note: Your referrals must have went through their evaluation process before March 2nd and signed up for a minimum of 8 sessions to qualify!

Remember, each referral is still worth $50 credited towards your next month too!

That’s a potential value of $449 worth of savings and prizes!

Contact for more info! HURRY, contest ends March 2nd!



Add Some Spice to Your Warm Up


The most important and overlooked part of your training session is the first 5–15 minutes, also known as the warm up. The worst thing someone can possibly do when they get to the gym is head straight to the bench press or do any other free weight exercise for that matter and start attempting to lift weight they can barely rep 8–10 times. Your muscles are cold, tight, and unaware of what type of stress is about to be placed on them. This is a recipe for disaster! Continue reading

Welcome to NLTS Strength and Conditioning


Thanks for checking out our site, as you’ll see that it is still in the process of development, however feel free to browse around the tabs above for more info. Whether you are an athlete, coach, or parent – you’re going to be VERY excited about this the diversity, knowledge, and experience that our team has to offer you.

Stay tuned, sign up for our newsletter and refer your friends and family!  It’s time to build a stronger version of you!

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