1-on-1 Training

Personal Training

Work with BJ one on one!

  •  In-person training sessions 2-4 times a week
    – It is mandatory that we meet twice a week in order to ensure program efficiency and quality.
  • Programming and “homework” outside of our sessions to keep you on track
  • Developing your skills to thrive in exercise WITHOUT me!
  • That’s right, get out of here! I want you to knock the training wheels off and be able to conquer this mission on your own while maintaining a high commitment level without me!


Consulting & Coaching

Receive a complimentary consulting and coaching session with BJ. You can expect to get an hour of valuable coaching and consulting on how you can personally develop your health and fitness dream! No matter what, you will walk away with new knowledge and action steps to start now!

  • Motivation to get started AND keep going
  • Programming tips and flaws
  • Time management with exercise
  • Goal setting
  • Eating habits
  • Working on self-confidence and self-image


Kitchen & Food Audit

“I’ve got my workouts down, now what do I Eat?”

  • Maximize results by eating effectively for your body type and specific goal set.
  • Learn about proper nutrition to start your new, healthy life!
  • Receive a kitchen audit to determine what to keep, and what to toss!
  • You may be surprised on what you get to keep
  • I also offer a 21 Day Detox Program – click the picture for details (add picture and link to new page)
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